Fundação Ezute – Fundação Ezute

Fundação Ezute

We are a private, non-profit organization, 100% national, whose mission is to contribute to the transformation of Brazilian organizations, especially public organizations, so that they become more effective.

We offer innovative solutions in technology and management for Brazilian institutions, especially public organizations.

We contribute to the transformation of these organizations, supporting the development of productivity and effectiveness. As such, we also support the economic development, sovereignty and technological autonomy of Brazil.

We are based on the values of systemic organizations: creating value for all, a conceptual model directed towards holistic visions and behavior, focused on sustainability, partnership, technological autonomy and sovereignty.

We entered operation in 1997, under the signature of Fundação Atech, at the time designated by the Federal Government to be the integrative institution of the SIVAM/SIPAM (Amazon Surveillance System / System of Protection of the Amazon) project.

Throughout our history, we have primarily served the needs of the Brazilian government, working on structuring projects on complex technological systems, the absorption and development of new technologies and the supplementary management of strategic projects, in both the civil and defense contexts.


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