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SIIS – Integrated Information Systems – SABESP


In 2012, SABESP approved, among the actions of the strategic planning, the execution of the SIIS – Integrated Information Systems SABESP project that aimed at the technological modernization of the Company’s Management Systems.

The project was carried out via a consortium and the scope provided for the replacement of the legacy systems that supported Macroprocesses Financial and Macroprocesses Business and Information Systems for Management support. In order to meet the scope of the edict, there was an ERP, composed of SAP and NET@Suite.

What is

Through specialized knowledge and experience, Fundação Ezute supports the management processes in order to ensure the implementation of the ERP solution fronts and the integration of the corporate systems necessary for the effective implementation and operation of SIIS at Sabesp.

In addition, the organization provides advice:

Planning and executing SIIS deployment management;
In the execution of the SIIS implementation management;
In the planning and monitoring of the transfer of knowledge of the implemented project;
– In the conception of the SIIS Governance Nucleus;
– In the solution of conflicts;
– And in the evaluation of scope, deadlines, costs and risks adding necessary information to the negotiations between Sabesp and the Consortium.


– Providing extensive documentation used successfully in internal and external audit processes;
– Significant gains in negotiations to reduce costs and deadlines;
– Decision processes built on a solid and consistent knowledge base;
– Implantation of Phase I – SAP – Administrative and Financial Macroprocesses
BI – happened successfully.

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