Digital Map of the City of São Paulo – City Hall of São Paulo

For the project of the City Hall of São Paulo, precise quality requirements were established for a photogrammetric survey at a cadastral scale of 1:1000. This is a form of mapping that identifies blocks, allotments, buildings, towers, lamp posts and even manholes. The detailed cartographic base serves, among other uses, as the basis of the register of ownership, for the purposes of definition of the urban land tax.

Fundação Ezute was contracted by the City Hall of São Paulo in order to support the management of the digital mapping of the municipal district of São Paulo – MDC SP 2016, starting with the evaluation of the quality of processes of cartographic products to be generated in the scale of 1:5,000 and 1:1,000, including the mapping and inventory of significant vegetation of the municipal district, supported by technology and digital laser aerophotogrammetry of tillering across the municipal territory.