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Application of Systems Engineering

We consider that the concept of “systems engineering” is founded on three pillars: the physical sciences, involving matter and energy; organizational and social sciences, which deal with the human, behavioral, economic and organizational aspects; and information science and knowledge, derived from the first two. To apply this, we must adopt a holistic view toward others’ needs and systems and their environments, i.e., applying systemic thinking.

In Brazil, Fundação Ezute makes of systems engineering an important instrument in the trajectory toward the technological autonomy and sovereignty of Brazil. We are also the first Brazilian organization to join the INCOSE – International Council on Systems Engineering.

In our view, this concept should be applied to meet HUMAN NEEDS, supporting the GOVERNMENT and improving ORGANIZATIONS.

Thus, we are the axis of a HELIX that promotes synergy between:


Systemic thinking is applied to the organization of multidisciplinary knowledge and transformed into SOLUTIONS that aim to improve the PRODUCTIVITY of the government or in the private sector.

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