Projetos Ezute


Education in Brazil is a segment that is still in need of diverse and urgent interventions.

The specific realities of each region of the country must be mapped so that public managers can develop the best policies geared to the educational landscape. Thus, it is necessary to have a systemic view of the sector in order to promote efficient management.

Fundação Ezute can contribute to the development of the three pillars necessary for the promotion of quality Education accessible to all: GOVERNANCE, INSTITUTIONAL MANAGEMENT AND DESIGN OF SOLUTIONS.

⇒ Policies and Guidelines
⇒ Methodologies
⇒ Processes of management and control
⇒ Governance Forums
⇒ Managing documentation
⇒ Supporting audits
⇒ Compliance and adherence to the standards imposed

⇒ Support in the preparation of Planning for Implantation
⇒ Elaboration of the Plan of Internal Communication
⇒ Management of Stakeholders
⇒ Risk Management: Identification of risks/ Quantitative and qualitative analysis/ Elaboration of a plan of response to the risks/ Preparation of contingency and alternative plans/ Monitoring of risks
⇒ Situational Diagnosis and Action Plan
⇒ Deployment of indicators
⇒ Setting of Goals
⇒ Development of indicator monitoring panels
⇒ Methodological analysis of the effectiveness of the set of indicators

⇒ Strategic Institutional Planning
⇒ Support in the planning and development of the public education policy
⇒ Survey of operational processes of educational programs
⇒ Development of the Training and Knowledge Management Plan
⇒ Modeling of Integrated and Interoperable Solutions

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