São Paulo Transportes S/A Ezute
São Paulo Transportes S/A Ezute


Cities need to offer their populations good conditions for dislocation across their geographic territory. And, in recent years, it has become a challenge for governments to provide such mobility due to the increased complexity of the segment.

Fundação Ezute provides support to the governmental spheres seeking intelligent solutions for URBAN MOBILITY.

⇒ Integrated policies
⇒ Incentives for collective transport
⇒ Implementation of the concept of universal accessibility

⇒ Use of big data
⇒ Electronic payment system
⇒ Provision of information to the user
⇒ Transport management
⇒ Traffic Management
⇒ Works and maintenance
⇒ Emergency Services
⇒ Management of commercial vehicles

⇒ Optimization of public spending
⇒ Integration of the modals
⇒ Management of the transport operation and logistics
⇒ Modal timetables available to the population
⇒ Detection of incidents and events
⇒ Speed control
⇒ Control of access to the corridors
⇒ Improvement of traffic light control system
⇒ Optimizing of routes and GPS navigation
⇒ Information to the passenger in real time
⇒ Intelligent programming of public transport
⇒ Passenger satisfaction

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