Ezute Foundation Signs Technical-Scientific Partnership With Ita

February 8, 2018

First cooperation project will involve a study related to the aerodynamic performance of transonic missiles

A Technical-Scientific Cooperation Agreement was signed on Thursday (3/01) in São José dos Campos (SP) between the Ezute Foundation and the Technological Institute of Aeronautics (ITA), with the aim of carrying out specific research, development and innovation programs and projects, exchange of technical and scientific information, training of personnel, courses and conferences, and usage of laboratories, workshops and other facilities necessary to develop the planned activities.

As one of the first projects of the cooperation agreement, a study will be conducted on the aerodynamic performance of a transonic missile. A scale model will be tested by the Institute of Aeronautics and Space, with monitoring by the Ezute Foundation and ITA, to determine the missile’s aerodynamic characteristics. This type of test is normally performed outside Brazil, and the purpose of this project is to contribute to the development and consolidation of national capacity-building for this test.

“The cooperation developed with ITA reaffirms our pursuit of interaction with academia and other science and technology institutes, and strengthens the Ezute Foundation’s role of honest broker as a partner in projects involving sensitive strategic knowledge in research, development and innovation, which are related to the nation’s sovereignty,” said the president of the Ezute Foundation, Eduardo Marson.

Also in attendance at the signing ceremony for the Cooperation Agreement, in addition to the Ezute Foundation’s president, were its Chief Innovation Officer, Antonio Pedro Timoszczuk, and its Production Manager for the Defense and Space Market, Marcos Jose Mahler de Araujo, as well as ITA Chancellor, Anderson Ribeiro Correia; ITA Institutional Relations Officer, Solange Maia Correa; DCTA Director, Air Force Lieutenant-General Carlos Augusto Amaral Oliveira; DCTA Deputy Director, Major-General Hudson Costa Potiguara; and DCTA Institutional Relations Officer, Colonel Carlos Alberto dos Santos.

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