Ezute Foundation Restructures the Daee Granting System

March 15, 2018

The project simplifies requests for water abstraction and includes new solutions to reduce red tape in analyzing the population’s requirements

This month, the Ezute Foundation is delivering to the Department of Water and Electricity of São Paulo State (DAEE) the new system that restructures and simplifies the procedures for electronic granting of water abstraction from the state’s river systems, aimed at reducing the bureaucracy for regularizing abstraction processes.

“The electronic granting system consists of simplifying requirements, reducing legal demands, and developing support tools for the analysis of applications by DAEE technicians on the River Basin Executive Boards,” says Geraldo Azevedo, the Foundation’s Deputy Director for the Civilian Market.

The new system allows users to submit their grant applications over the Internet, considerably reducing the bureaucracy involved in the process. But now the request is sent, through georeferencing, to the appropriate Executive Board, allowing a better and more precise level of management of water resources throughout the state by means of an electronic workflow, which is forwarded for the publication in Official State Register, and the response is sent to the applicant.

“It’s worth noting that the project of the Ezute Foundation for the electronic granting system in São Paulo is the first one in Brazil with this scope and degree of automation, involving everything from the submission process to the final response, including the technical analysis using geotechnologies,” emphasizes Mr. Azevedo.

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