Fundação Ezute Will Develop the New Environmental and Water Resource Management System of Paraná

October 3, 2017

The project is funded by the World Bank and aims to make the management process more efficient

Fundação Ezute signed a contract with the State Department of Planning and General Coordination of Paraná to develop and deploy the new Information System for the Environmental and Water Resource Management of the state. The project, called SIGARH, is part of a large program of modernization of the environmental licensing processes, concessions, surveillance and monitoring with the funding of the World Bank.

The contract was signed between the State of Paraná, through the Secretary of State of Planning and General Coordination – SEPL, having as executor the Instituto das Águas do Paraná – AGUASPARANA and the Consortium EZUTE/NHC, whose leadership will be exercised by Fundação Ezute in partnership with Northwest Hydraulic Consultants – NHC (Canadian), an international consultancy firm in the segment of water resources.

The project is to be developed exclusively for the state and deployed in 21 months. The work involves the analysis of the development and integration of subsystems that will compose the SIGARH, like the register of water resources (SCRH), the monitoring of these (SMRH), the management of watersheds (SGBH), administration (SA), integration (SIN), geographic information (GIS), as well as the migration and modeling of existing data.

For the secretary of planning and general coordination of Paraná, Juraci Barbosa, the new system will reflect on the quality of service to the population.  “Faster, smart and modern, it will bring more agility and transparency to the processes,” he added.

“The new system will contribute to the de-bureaucratization of the state, streamlining procedures and providing to the managing bodies integrated services of wider reach. For the citizen, the system allows the replacement of paper for electronic media, the access to information via the internet, greater reliability of the data, rapid release of processes and cost reduction. The final result will deliver an efficient public management, connected with the demands of society,” says Geraldo Azevedo, assistant director of Ezute for the Civil Segment.

Currently, the State of Paraná receives around 35 thousand environmental licensing processes and 10 thousand cases of concession. Due to the volume of work, the agencies responsible began to face delays and, thus, decided to deploy a new management project to improve service to society.

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