Fundação Ezute Presents Congress of Solutions to Improve Public Spending in Public Management

July 2, 2017

The organization brings its experiences in the public sector to an event that will be held from July 5 to 7, in Brasília

Fundação Ezute will participate in the X Congress Consad of Public Management, organized by the National Council of State Departments of Administration, which takes place this week, at Centro de Convenções Ulysses Guimarães, in Brasilia.

The organization will present to the participants of the event information on solutions for the improvement of public spending through programs developed in the areas of asset management, health, education and gains of scale with the centralization of processes. “The objective is to support the public power in diagnosing and designing solutions that ensure efficiency and effectiveness in management, providing transparency, optimization of costs, increase of revenues, economic development and better response time to the demands of society, always seeking the improvement of the quality of life of the population,” says Marcello Palha, director of the civil segment of Ezute. Among the case studies that will be available at the stand of the Foundation, the most prominent is the solution for improving processes of equity management of the state of São Paulo.

To strengthen civil action and broaden the work in the management of quality of spending, Fundação Ezute included in its team the sociologist and specialist in innovation in the public sector, Florência Ferrer. With a master’s, a PhD and a doctoral degree in public management, Florência is one of those responsible for projects of this theme bringing her experience of large solutions developed for the reformulation of public policies and past work in international organizations, such as OEA, BID and the World Bank.

The organization will also highlight how to create programs of Public-Private Partnerships since the deployment of the structure to facilitate the process of PPPs, to their modeling and application in cities and states. “The Foundation can provide full assistance that organizes the public institution to initiate a PPP, in addition to possessing the experience of diagnosis, analysis, and deployment of solutions, with the aim of improving the local quality of life, based on a robust financial study that justifies the implantation of each project, in several areas,” says Marcello.

The X Congress Consad of Public Management will have, in addition to the exhibition area, panels and plenary sessions to discuss issues such as the pricing estimate in public purchases, costs of public procedures for the company, a new form of management, social control and dilemmas and challenges of bureaucracy.

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