Fundação Ezute: Solutions in the Area of Defense During the LAAD

April 2, 2017

The event also marked celebrations of 20 years of the organization

Fundação EZUTE will take all its expertise in developing solutions that contribute to the field and application of technology, innovation, competitiveness and managerial effectiveness to LAAD Defense & Security 2017, which takes place from April 4 to 7, at Riocentro. The event also marks the celebrations of the 20 years of Fundação Ezute this year. Visitors can learn a little more about the history of the organization and about the differentials of the solutions employed in the EZUTE stand (Pavillion 2, stand X-34).

In its portfolio, the Foundation has several projects of regional and national interest focused on development and sovereignty. Among the projects aimed to meet the demands of Defense, it is worth highlighting the conception of the Management System of Amazônia Azul (SISGAAz); the additional management and systems engineering of the anti-ship missile project (MANSUP); and the program of absorption of knowledge and technology, in France, of the combat system of submarines of the Submarine Development Program (PROSUB), all complex projects of the Brazilian Navy. EZUTE was also responsible for anticipating the first steps of the system that gave rise to the SISFRON – Integrated System for Monitoring Borders.

And, to this end, the organization consolidated the adoption of concepts of system engineering, which offers a holistic vision at all stages of the development process of a project and which has a multidisciplinary approach. In providing knowledge-intensive services, in partnership with the client, Fundação EZUTE gathers trained specialists, combines knowledge from various sources, designs, specifies, plans and converts the complex concepts into accessible information for decision makers in organizations, enabling such by means of systems.

Among the systems to be presented, we highlight:

SisGAAz – The Management System of Amazônia Azul

It will contribute to ensure the safety and control of maritime navigation by means of continuous observation, with the aim of ensuring the presence of the State in the monitoring, protection and conservation of resources from the seacoast and waterways of Brazil. The design of all systems and integration with other agencies form a network of land and sea sensors, control centers, air and environmental monitoring, as well as procedures for prompt response that allow the surveillance and protection of our marine wealth, including the pre-salt region.

MANSUP – Additional management and systems engineering of the anti-ship missile project

Support for the Brazilian Navy in the nationalization of the surface Anti-Ship Missile, with the participation of several Brazilian companies of the Industrial Base of Defense. It involved the development of a dedicated management platform responsible for supporting the customer in the definition and implementation of the methodology to manage the development of the project and the corresponding activities of systems engineering, passing through consolidation and management of the technical requirements of the missile, of the interface between all subsystems and validation activities of the components of the project.

Brazilian Space System

Feasibility study and specification of the Brazilian geostationary communications satellite, in addition to the project for the development of the launch site of Cyclone 4. Participation in the management of the Multimission Platform project for the Launching of Satellites, under the responsibility of the Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais (INPE –National Institute for Space Research) and coordinated by the Agência Espacial Brasileira (AEB – Brazilian Space Agency).

SIVAM/ SIPAM – System for Surveillance and Protection of the Amazon

Pioneering venture in world terms. Endowed with high technological and challenging complexity by its geographic dimensions, it was executed with an optic toward the future to allow full control over Amazonian heritage. It has enabled the integration of actions to control and defend the territory, airspace and the environment, through the availability of knowledge and intelligence about the region, offering relevant bases to support its sustainable development. It also enabled the aircraft for recognition and early warning, a product for export that allowed the Brazilian Air Force to modernize its plans and operational doctrines and Brazil to have a strategic instrument in geopolitics.

PROSUB – Submarine Development Program

Fundação EZUTE works in the Submarine Development Program (PROSUB), of the Navy of Brazil, with a focus on the absorption of technology, with the aim of supporting the Navy in the maintenance and evolution of the Combat System of the submarines. According to the agreement between the Directions of Construction Navales et Services (DCNS) and the Navy of Brazil, DCNS is responsible for providing the Combat System for the four conventional submarines (diesel-electric propulsion) (SBR) and also for the first Brazilian nuclear propulsion submarine (SNBR). Fundação Ezute has been selected to receive training from DCNS on the Combat System of conventional submarines of the PROSUB and currently supports the Navy in the preliminary design of the Combat System of the SNBR.

SDS – Didactic Simulator of SiComFrag

Fundação EZUTE developed for the Wandenkolk Center of Admiral Training (CIAW) a system of simulators for the training of operators and maintainers in the identification of interface faults in the Combat System of the Modernized “Niterói” Class Frigates (SiComFrag Niterói). The design of the SDS had as inspiration the improvement of the quality of the courses of CIAW, with the simulation of interface faults, aspects not covered by the simulators until then, with the possibility of complementing the use of the actual environment on board the Frigates. The CIAW courses that focus on the Weapons Systems are dedicated to the improvement of Officers in their technical functions in the operation of the system and the specialization and improvement of Centers in their maintenance roles on board.

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