Missão, Visão e Valores Ezute
São Paulo Transportes S/A Ezute


This work for the Department for the Environment and Water Resources of Tocantins involves a cartographic base of support for the Rural Environmental Registration that allows the identification of geographical characteristics, water basins and areas of natural protection. The survey was done by satellite, in a process that maps the state in ranges and generates images that are corrected and transformed into maps. The volume of information in this cartographic base serves as a support for the definition of the various sectoral policies of the state government.

The integrated management of these two projects has the support of Fundação Ezute both to achieve the desired results and to correct any deviations in relation to technical specifications, standards and legislation governing the conformity of cartographic products. The State until then turned to bases of cartographic or geographic information on small scales (1:50,000 or 1:100,000), which did not reflect the spatial scenario of such diverse terrain with peculiar characteristics in the Brazilian territory.

The support provided for the assessment of the quality of information has as its basis the cartographic specifications for the scale of 1:25,000 and the criteria and procedures of quality defined in accordance with the requirements of the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT).

In this case, Fundação Ezute tests the quality for all products of the project, carried out by means of total or sampling inspections. The results considered the cartographic technical specifications and the technical complexity of the cartographic products.

The new geographic base of the State, reinstated by cartographic engineering processes and uses of digital technology solutions and associated to the process of technical quality assurance, transforms the paradigm experienced by Tocantins in the last 15 years and provides the precise and quality base of information.

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