Jgos Oímpicos 2016 Ezute
O Que Fazemos Ezute


A complex project like the Olympic Games requires impeccable management. Brazil needed to be prepared to meet the requirements of the Rio 2016 Olympic Committee and the international federations in the implementation of the mega project Rio 2016.

The partnership of Fundação Ezute with the Ministry of Sport began in 2011, when a broad management project was put into action.

The objective was to ensure that the installations, especially of the sports complex located in Deodoro and in Barra da Tijuca (districts of Rio de Janeiro), were completed in accordance with the planning.

Fundação Ezute supported the Ministry of Sport directly by means of the management program. The support of Fundação Ezute aimed to ensure compliance with the budget, deadlines, Olympic requirements and legal parameters.

In this project, more than 10,000 Olympic requirements were analyzed and processes were monitored in 35 facilities. Each of them had different and overlapping processes and plans, in addition to a unified schedule and related risk management.
Fundação Ezute developed the Guide for Monitoring Projects and Works, a roadmap tool and checklist. It included guidelines for all the stages (Administrative, Institutional, Technical and Budget) and processes (Opening, Planning, Bidding, Budget Analysis and Technical) of the program.

An Integrated Management Platform was also created – an important legacy for the Ministry of Sport. It brings together the whole development cycle of each installation. It has mechanisms for the management of critical points, timelines, requirements and also strategic panels, presenting itself as an instrument to support the decision-making process.

The Platform also acts as a repository, catalogued and indexed, with the full documentation on each of the premises of responsibility of the Ministry of Sport, which makes the service more dynamic for agencies of external and internal control of public administration.



Brazil promoted the largest sporting event on the Planet. And there’s no denying the huge success of the Rio 2016 Games, which surpassed the mark of 6 million tickets sold for the Games’ contests. In turn, the total number of spectators in the competitions of the twin event, the Paralympic Games, surpassed 2 million tickets.

Conscious of its responsibility as a protagonist in the promotion of the competition itself, the Ministry of Sport sought Fundação Ezute for the management of the project. Since the beginning of this collaboration a governance model was established, which included three fundamental pillars: installations, operation, and materials and equipment. At the heart of the work, the integrated and simultaneous monitoring of all actions was expressed in an executive weekly summary, a key tool using which the Ministry of Sport took decisions and a source of permanently up-to-date information on the Olympic Games for the Presidency of the Republic.

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